Already in 1995 I was fascinated by the potential of neural networks, back then being more a vision than reality. Without much research I tried implementing my own naïve ideas which I got while learning C++ with Herbert Schildt’s newest book. With C++ I was fascinated about the concept of object oriented programming, and got the idea of creating a neural network with neurons being C++ objects connected by synapses being pointers with assigned weights to the next neuron object. I had first successes with mastering the Tic-Tac-Toe game but never really finished as the semester started again.

With recent quantum leap developments in deep learning showcased on my other hobby – the board game Go – I followed the news closely and it again dragged me more than 20 years later into it. I have nowadays even less time, but still I bought some books on deep learning, the latest being “Deep Learning with Python” by Francois Chollet. Starting to read it I can’t wait to try it once more.

As I studied experimental physics and engineering, I am very much practice-oriented by nature wanting to get my hands dirty and code. That’s why I called this Blog “Experimenting with Deep Learning based on Python, Keras and TensorFlow” looking to share my experiences – fascinating or frustrating – and looking for like-minded people to discuss.

First trys 1992
My first naive experiments back in 1995 (sorry for the variables being German named)

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